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The Community Pharmacy Group

At Boca Pharmacy Group, we are committed to improving
wellness in medically underserved areas.

Our patient-focused care, combined with a community-oriented approach
is fundamental to our healthcare solution.

from the South Bronx, New York…

Boca Pharmacy Group joined the SoBro community in 2005.
Communities like SoBro, among the poorest in the country, are affected by a combination of insufficient access to healthcare and socio-economical factors that perpetuate a cycle of diminished health equity, often comparable to underdeveloped countries.
Our goal is simple – we want to redefine the role of the pharmacy in medically underserved areas.
Serving an impactful role within communities, we provide support and care through
ongoing initiatives and partnerships.
We are not just a pharmacy. We are the Community Pharmacy Group.


96 condition-specific wellness education groups.


Daily support of community partners through distribution of living essentials, including 2,400 pantry bags for food outreach.


Free medical services, including blood pressure readings, basic health check-ups and treatment guidance.

Are you a Covered Entity? Do you share our commitment to caring for patients in medically underserved areas? Then Boca Pharmacy Group is your ideal 340B partner.

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