340B is a federal program intent on stretching financial resources of Covered Entities to improve healthcare services for out-patients.

Boca provides the expertise to effectively implement the program, with the support necessary to assist non-for-profit healthcare providers in furthering engagement within their community.

We call it 340BOCA.

eligible entities

why is boca an ideal partner?

Boca Pharmacy Group is the ideal partner, facilitating everything
from program sign-up to implementation and on-going training:

Turn-key solution
hassle-free & easy to implement

Fostering Synergy
to ensure high level
of compliance

Proven track
of 340B

retail network
and presence

Close coordination
with clinics

Fostered community engagement through our HOPE program

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Increased Compliance,
Better treatment outcome

the benefits of

  • Clinics

    Improved resources and inventory management

    Enhanced service to patients

    Expanded community reach

  • Patient

    Convenient access to needed medication

    Adherence reporting for earlier intervention and better outcomes

    HOPE Program (Health Optimization & Personal Esteem)

  • Pharmacy

    Increased drug distribution efficiency

    Patient treatment transparency

    Improved community impact

  • Community

    Vastly improved access to quality health care and community wellness

    Helps treat and prevent extensive number of chronic patients in medically underserved areas

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Are you a Covered Entity? Do you share our commitment to caring for patients in medically underserved areas? Then Boca Pharmacy Group is your ideal 340B partner.

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