We believe education is the only
sustainable way to prevention.

Improved healthcare services remains only one component in addressing complex chronicillness. The underlying conditions to such diseases often stem from systematic and often preventable behaviors.

Our H.O.P.E program (Health Optimization & Personal Esteem) provides patients and the community with the tools and resources to achieve optimized wellness.

personal esteem

Transition and wellness starts with dignity. Boca leads this effort by providing free access to basic necessities and Dignity Kits for people in need or reintegrating the community after incarceration.

Wellness education program

We partner with other actors in the community to organize seminars tailored to improve treatment compliance of the most vulnerable groups. We encourage and inspire them to take a pro-active approach to healthcare.

Resources & information

As an extension of our commitment to the community we provide support in the form of downloadable resources, crafted to educate, inform and encourage action.

common Chronic Illnesses

Download resource and information below.