The Quadrangle of caretm

Our philosophy

At Boca, we believe a pharmacy is more than the sum of its prescriptions.
For 15 years, Boca Pharmacy Group has dedicated its resources and energy to the needs of patients suffering complex chronic illnesses.

Our core beliefs are motivated by our complete involvement within the community. Empowered by a network of strategically located pharmacies,
we embrace a more personal approach, touching lives every day by being closer to those we help and their families.

The Quadrangle of Care™ fosters a new kind of synergy between the actors within healthcare.


We place the highest value on our patients’ treatment outcomes and overall wellness as the benchmark for our success. Our patient-centric focus is at the core of Boca’s Quadrangle of Care™.


Non-profit healthcare providers play a core role in establishing the initial infrastructure for treating patients. Improved coordination between pharmacies and clinics is paramount to achieving efficient patient treatment outcomes and overall community wellness.


The pharmacy is the hub between the clinic’s treatment plan and the patient. It holds an important position in the Quadrangle of Care™. A powerful actor, it facilitates patients' access to medication to improve treatment compliance.


A community is a neighborhood. We recognize a community’s potential for positive impact in medically underserved areas. We strive to support our communities as an ongoing, integral part of treatment outcome.

boca healthcare solutions

340 boca

340B is the federally-sponsored program, which provides the pillars to improved efficiency within healthcare. Boca expands the program to maximize benefits for all stakeholders - this is 340Boca.

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specialty pharmacy

Operating in underserved communities requires a refined approach to patient treatment. Our Specialty Pharmacy provides convenient medication solutions for complex health conditions.

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H.O.P.E. program

We believe education and prevention are the bedrock of healthcare, and provide the necessary tools to empower communities with knowledge by promoting prevention.

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At Boca, the community is a key component of the Quadrangle of Care™.