We provide a unique balance of scalable operations and community-driven approach.

We organically recognize the specific requirements needed to best cater to medically underserved communities with higher concentration of patients suffering chronic illnesses.

As a Specialty Pharmacy, we provide convenient medication solutions for complex health conditions.

pharmacy services

medication therapy management

Our Medication Therapy Management system offers centralized, efficient and real-time access to the history of polymed patients. We closely coordinate with clinics and physicians to tailor efficient treatments for complex chronic conditions.

delivery service

Our proprietary delivery system offers convenient and confidential delivery of medications to patient's location of choice. It provides a convenient and worry-free treatment pipeline to patients, increasing the probable penetration of eligible outpatient populations and another way to improve treatment adherence.

custom packaging

Our custom packaging initiative, aimed at improving multi-med intake is a testament to Boca's expertise with chronic polymed patients. Custom packaging and compounding has been proven to enhance treatment compliance and outcome and, allows us to accommodate special clinical needs, including pediatric patients among others.